Drugsales Ltd – Directors

Alfred Gera de Petri – Managing Director

Born on the 19th September 1944, Alfred Gera de Petri graduated as a pharmacist in the University of Malta.

He lectured pharmaceutics for some years at the same University, and managed his family’s pharmacy for a period of time.

He immediately set about consolidating the family’s pharmaceutical importation business, formalising its activities into a limited liability company which he named Drugsales Ltd. Under his guidance the business grew into what it is today, and he is still very much at the helm of the group’s business strategy.

He is directly involved in the management of the family estate, having led numerous initiatives to strengthen it and to organise it among various family members.

He is a long-standing member of the Malta Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise, where he has served as a Council member. He has also served as a member of the Executive Committee of the Chamber’s HealthCare Trade section in various posts including that of President.

He is a keen collector of Melitensia, a bibliophile, and an enthusiastic connoisseur of antique furniture and paintings, as well as a dedicated numismatist specialising in coins of Malta and the Order of Malta.

He is married to Agnès née Testaferrata Bonici, and has three children – Daniel, Andrea and Giulia.

Agnès Gera de Petri Testaferrata – Director of Human Resources

Born on the 24th May 1949 to Baron and Baroness Testaferrata Bonici, she married Alfred Gera de Petri in 1973. She succeeded her father as Baroness of Qlejja in 1982, and her uncle as Marchioness of San Vincenzo Ferreri in 1988.

She is the human resources director of the group, and dedicates her time at the office towards ensuring that all members of staff are happy and effective in their roles.

She is a member of the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists.

She has served on the Committee of Privileges of the Maltese Nobility every year since 1983, initially serving as its Treasurer, eventually taking up the role of Secretary – a post she has served in for many years, and still occupies.

Daniel de Petri Testaferrata – Director of Operations

Born on the 2nd September 1974, Daniel de Petri Testaferrata is involved in the general administration of the group.

He dedicates a significant amount of time to philanthropic causes, having been involved in the Malta Community Chest Fund for many years, sitting on, and occasionally chairing, the organising committees of the August Moon Ball and the President’s Ball.

He is a member of the Maltese Association of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, and has served on its Council for many years. He has performed the role of Chancellor of the Association under three different administrations, and has served as the Director of the Association’s international pilgrimage to Lourdes for over a decade.

He is also the Maltese nobility’s supplementary delegate to the European nobiliary organisation CILANE.

He is a member of the Malta Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise, is a member and Past President of Rotary Club Malta, and was, for some years, an enthusiastic polo player, although he now limits his polo time to umpiring and commentating.

He is married to Enyd née Pisani, and they have one son – Gregorio.

Andrea Gera de Petri Testaferrata – Director of Legal & Corporate Affairs

Born on the 24th November 1975, Andrea Gera de Petri Testaferrata graduated as a lawyer at the University of Malta. He furthered his studies at University College London, where he successfully read for a Masters in Maritime and International Trade Law.

He practiced for some years in a local law firm, handling a variety of corporate clients, and acting as the principal advocate in several negotiations of national importance.

He now dedicates himself entirely to the group, acting as Director of Legal and Corporate Affairs.

He also oversees much of the group’s estate development, and has been the main referral point in the construction and restoration phases of many of the group’s real estate affairs.

He is a member of the Maltese Association of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, the Malta Chamber of Advocates, the Malta Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise, and the Institute of Financial Service Practitioners.

He is also a Director of a group of companies that is a leader in the Tourism and Entertainment sector.

He is married to Kate née De Cesare, and they have two daughters – Georgia and Sophie.

Giulia Attard Montalto – Director of Sales & Marketing

Born on the 10th January 1982, Giulia Attard Montalto read Pharmacy at the University of Malta, where she graduated as a Pharmacist with Honours summa cum laude.

She practiced as a community pharmacist for some time, and, almost immediately, joined Drugsales as a full time pharmacist. She manages the sales and marketing side of the business, while also directing the organisation’s regulatory affairs. She is one of the company’s RPs and manages the team of pharmacists.

She is constantly at the forefront of the company’s affairs, conducting negotiations with established and new suppliers alike, while keeping a close eye on the internal workings of the business.

She is a member of the Malta Chamber of Pharmacists and of the Malta Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise.

She is married to Mark Attard Montalto, himself a successful lawyer.