Drugsales Ltd – Good Distribution Practice

Drugsales is licensed in Malta to act as a medicinal products wholesale dealer as per national and European legislation. Drugsales ensures that medicinal products are received, handled, stored and distributed to authorised clients in mint condition in accordance with current Good Distribution Practice (GDP) guidelines. To achieve this, we have implemented a Quality Management System that ensures that the products, which our suppliers have produced with so much care and professionalism, are treated with equally professional care. As a result, all employees are trained and re-trained on an ongoing basis.

Drugsales has a team of pharmacists nominated as Responsible Persons (RPs) on its Wholesale dealer’s license who make certain that all operations are carried out in accordance with GDP and applicable legislation. They have direct control over our Standard Operating Procedures, which constantly evolve to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Self-inspections and audits by the regulatory authorities and suppliers are conducted on a regular basis, which help Drugsales in confirming and improving its adherence to GDP.