Drugsales Ltd – Our Group

Russell Properties Ltd and Testaferrata Bonici Ltd

These two companies are active in the real estate business, and manage properties owned by the family or by the group. All the properties owned by the group are aimed at the letting market. None of the properties are for sale, and we do not manage properties for anyone but ourselves. Our projects currently include:

The Conversion of the historic Palazzo Spinola in Valletta into a state of the art business centre. This is made up of an apartment block that will provide five-star office space to leading organisations in Malta. It will be a portered block, just down the road from the President’s Palace, right in the heart of Valletta, and will incorporate a high-end restaurant in its ground and basement floors. It certainly is one of the largest private investment restoration and refurbishment projects in Malta’s Capital City.

The construction and development of a multi-purpose business centre in Lija. Currently awaiting planning permission, this project will offer approximately 5,000 sqm to the local business population. It will include shops, showrooms, office space and a limited amount of residential development.

The development of deluxe sea-front residential apartments with underlying commercial space in the prime location of The Strand in Sliema.

The restoration of one block, and the construction of an adjacent one, resulting in a set of deluxe residential apartments in St Julian’s.

Other projects are also in the pipeline, and will be included here once their planning phase is completed.

Euro Industries Ltd.

Euro Industries Ltd is a small, but growing, player in the de Petri Testaferrata Group of companies. It deals in household goods, and is in the process of introducing a top end silver and brass polish to the Maltese islands. More products are in the pipeline and will be launched soon.